W211 E320 2003 Wing mirror Puddle light

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Sep 24, 2012
Redditch - Worcestershire
2003 E320 CDi **********
I've had this car a year and never noticed that the wing mirror puddle lights didn't work. M.B. health check threw up an error message stating open or short circuit for the lights. Checked the bulbs = OK, checked the dash menu showing external lights as "ON"
Internal courtesy lights work fine.
External fog lights come on when the car is locked / unlocked.

Does anyone know how to turn the mirror lights ON during the day so I can check if power is coming into the wing mirror.?
Are these lights on a separate fuse perhaps?
I'm stuck - I hope someone here can throw some light on this please!
what happens with these is the wiring breaks from constant folding in and out of the mirrors.

pop the glass out and pop the cover off ( hidden clip ) and you ll see the loom splice open with the ignition key removed and you ll see the broken wires.
Good idea! I'll give it a go over the weekend!
Strangely both sides don't work, but perhaps it's a ring circuit rather than separate circuits?

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