w211 e320 cdi voltage variation


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Jul 24, 2010
Hello guys

I have a 2003 e320 cdi estate, I have recently started getting lots of error messages coming up, srs, rear brake light bulb, faulty dash lights etc, beeping from the front front parking sensors even when driving along at speed.

I realised that these messages were the symptom of something else rather than being actual faults, I checked replaced the rear battery as it wasn't dead but was on its way out.

I then started monitoring the voltage on the dash and noticed that sometimes it would drop from 14v to 11, and on the odd occasion no voltage at all, but I mean so briefly it would be less than a second.

I am looking for advice, the alternator was reconditioned a year ago, but I don't know whether they replaced the Voltage regulator.

Any ideas, bad earth? VR? BCM?

anyone else had this problem?

many thanks


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