W211 E320 V6 Petrol Plumes Of White Smoke Help

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Mar 20, 2016
South West, UK
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Hi Guys

Fired my merc up the other day and drove it down the road to find it was bellowing out loads of white smoke ??? I have had problems with loosing oil after a bodge job with removing the sump and wrong gasket compound used and two loose bolts at front of sump, I also had a huge rock smack my nearside cat and smash the inside of it to the point the exhaust was rattling loads. So I removed the bits from inside the exhaust and it has been running fine for ages like that but since the oil has ran really low and i drove it the other day it has come up with a P0432 and a P0104 errors ??? and the white smoke is really bad ? cleaned the egr's cleaned the throttle body and checked everything I can but cant seem to get rid of the smoke ?? Any info guys would be very useful.

Oh and I dont seem to be loosing water ?

No turbo on this engine
Why is every sentence a question?

It makes reading the post very awkward?

It gives each section an upwards inflection?

Is the engine firing all cylinders? Does the smoke plume maintain consistency if you let it idle?
Not sure ? hahahaha
Sorry had to lol It seem to be firing on all cylinders and forgot to mention some smoke coming from the nearside part of the engine
and yes it seems to be consistent when idling
No, I know that.. but it has to be your car, so that we can see what is happening, there may be a tell tale sound or something disconnected that will give us a clue hence the request of your car..
Well I have had all the breather hoses and egr valve off to clean so cant start it ATM but will be putting back together tomorrow
Sorry had to lol It seem to be firing on all cylinders and forgot to mention some smoke coming from the nearside part of the engine
near the exhaust manifold
Does the smoke smell oily? If you remove the oil filler cap, is there smoke coming from there, possibly under pressure?

Apart from what you're checking, I'm wondering if some of the bits from your cat have been ingested and done some damage. By the way, smoke from your oil filler cap might suggest this as the problem.

There were bits in the exhaust pipe after the cat which I removed from the pipe , but it has been running fine for 4 months after the cat impact/damage :confused: I have read other posts regarding oil running low and it creating white smoke but that was on a cdi.
So after putting it all back together it did not improve :-( BUT ! I took the throttle body cover off and it had loads of oil in it ?? I know this is not good so I'm guessing that I might have over filled the engine with oil ??


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Well after dropping the oil it seems my engine had almost 6 six litres of oil too much in it :doh: but was always saying low on oil ?

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