w211 e55 engine bay

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Apr 23, 2013
CLK 500
Spent a few more hours on the engine bay, It hadn't been touch since new i don't think.

Done the usual, Let abit of Gt85 soak into the dirt and grease for a few mins then agitated it with Small paintbrush, wiped clean with a rag.

Polished the slam panel and inner wings with some Srp. Haven't treated any of the plastics, getting short on time.

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Work in progress but its' looking alot better.
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Very nice looks like a new one again :cool:

WD40 is also good at removing built up grime, just stinks a bit itside of car for a bit after I've cleaned it:rolleyes:

Might try and get some of the stuff you have used and give that a go, mind you I won't be doing it till after winter now.;)

I once cleaned my ST engine bay with a product called Jizz :D

Mint engine bay merc85 :thumb:
Thanks for the kind words Peeps :)
I could not recommend putting Jizz all over your engine. That is just wrong and could lead to a prison term.

Stick to what you are using and some Aerospace 303 protectant. Oddly this can look like Jizz when first applied but dries to a lovely finish.
Looking like new gav .

It's a fair way off that buddy, But it's getting there, Wondering what to do with the rocker cover's....

Could clean them up, Or was even thinking about buying a spare pair and getting them painted then fitting. Humm not sure.
Done abit more

Made a Start on cleaning the Left bank

I started off with a wipe down with a old oily rag, Agitated with a very mild fine steel brush small clumps of debris and old oil. Autosol, 1200 grit, then a light go over will wire wool finishing off with autosol and cloth.

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That does look a lot better OP! I tend to keep my CLS engine bay clean but that's fairly easy due to the previous keeper staying on top of it.

I was pleasantly surprised by the E Class' engine bay as I doubt it had ever been cleaned but with a wipe down and application of Chemical Guys New Look Trim Gel did the trick.


I find the trim gel ideal for engine bays as it stays fairly slick. Not great for interiors but definitely for places that you don't touch but want to stay looking new.
Thanks 85, it doesn't come up badly. I suspect I get some grace from the fact that the engine bay is quite tightly packed and stays quite clean.

This is the CLS engine bay, but I can't claim to have made it that was as it was super clean when I bough it. I just maintain that.

On a par with your E55 though! :)
Engine looks great.

I find brake cleaner from the can works wonders on dirt and grime.
I dont know Alex, That Cls of yours looks stunning! Its great to see well cared for cars.:thumb:

I was very lucky to find this example, silly low miles and cared for by Ed at Divine Detail. My job now is to keep it that way! Haha

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