W211 Electric Folding Mirrors

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Aug 17, 2020
C class 280 cdi sport 2006 facelift
Hi Guys, not a terrible problem just a pain and probably hoping in vain for an easy fix.
Drivers side mirror perfect.
Passenger mirror on opening the mirror casing travels about 1/2" too far.
On closing it retracts normally and then in the last inch or so of travel, clunk's heavily against the window glass.
In my mind it just feels like the rachet, track, whatever it is, is just a little out of sink. Thinking if I stopped it from hitting window maybe placing a 1/2 inch block in the way, it may sort it's self out. Someone must of had this problem any advice appreciated.
I cant help with the above mentioned issue, however I do have a electric folding mirror issue of my own or at least I think it's an issue.

My drivers side mirror folds in as it should but the pax mirror doesnt move or even try to.

Assuming it should and therefore it's broken

Could this be something simple, or will it need a new motor and if so is it a costly repair?
Quite likely to be a broken wire in the control loom to the mirror. The constant flexing fatigues the wire.
That would depend on how good you are with fiddly stuff and how patient you are. As for the fault, just about all the options have been covered. I did the drivers side on my W209 and it was the motor £70.00 from MB. Fitting it was a bit of a struggle, lots of plastic tabs to break off on the cover if your not careful. Once I had it stripped the rest of the job was fairly easy and it all worked after I had built it all up.
I'm patient ans fairly good with fiddly stuff.

Have previously removed a cloth interior from a w124 and refitted a leather one.

Have taken door cards off and happy to give it a go unless you need lots of electrical knowledge
There are a significant number of wires to the mirror, all black!

But some patience and a multimeter or test lamp should locate the break if that is the cause.
Good video showing how to remove, dismantle and fix facelift W211 door mirror - just so you can be prepared for the work involved.


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