W211 Electric window/switch issue.


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Nov 1, 2008
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Today I again attempted to fix the electric window switch that operates the passengers front window from the drivers seat.
Last time I was foiled by a very awkward screw preventing me removing the old switch, but I got over that and removed the old switch seen below

On reassembling the electrical plugs and doorcard I tried the switch and it's still not operation that one window.
It opens and closes perfectly from its own switch on the passenger door, so is it possible I have bought another faulty switch? (Bought from a forum member months ago.) Is there anything else I can check as its annoying to have to lean across to open the passenger side window if I'm the only occupant.


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Feb 3, 2014
s211 E55 , s203 C55
Can you check if there is power to the switch for that window from the connector.
If so then it is the switch itself and you could get one from a breaker and if not then the break is elsewhere in the wiring between the 2 window switches.
This would be harder to find and fix.
Clearly there is nothing wrong with the window motor so it has to be inbetween.

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