W211 exterior mirror

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Dec 19, 2011
w211 320cdi sport
I have been to.d by the dealer that I need a new mirror frame on my 58 plate w211 (facelift design) as it has stopped folding because some wire have broken. This will cost over £300!!!
Anyone got a link to images, a walk though or video on how the mirror can be removed so that I can see if I can repair it with some wire and solder
Not saying they are wrong but it is common for them to just seize up too. I used to get someone to operate the switch to activate the fold procedure and then help them to fold with a little force. Then you can see the geared mechanism, lube it up and off you go, job done
Ok thanks, that was very good, but hasn't solved the problem. Stripped it completely, can't see any broken wires. Gave them it a wriggle but still no movement. However in getting the mirror apart I seem to have misaligned the rest position. When the mirror housing is returned by hand it rest about 5 cams out of alignment with the lower part of the housing fixed to the door. Can't see any way of getting it realigned????
Also if I can't see a wire break I assume I can buy a complete mirror off eBay (s/h) but how do I get the whole mirror off the car.mbehind the in door tweeter speaker are two screws that look like they will be holding the Meroe but on loosening these the mirror frame still seems solid??
Any thoughts??
Have you done a continuity test on each wire? The onlyway without stripping the insulation you'll see a break.
A few posts on the forum on how to repair this fault

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Maybe it on another mb forum, do a quick Google search for it and hopefully it will pop up, there was a really good write up on it with step by step guide and pics

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