W211 facelift retrofit power folding mirrors coding

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May 20, 2016
2003 C180 Kompressor wagon
I have a w211 facelift that I have installed power folding mirrors on.
The mirrors and the switch in the door panel come from a parts car where it worked before dismantling.

After installation in my car, folding does not work. It is possible to adjust the mirror glass as normal with the new switch, but nothing happens when I press the button to fold in.
Nothing happens when I try to lock/unlock the car either. With STAR, I have coded the door control module "Fold in outside mirror when locking" to Activated.
Body->System Diagnosis->Control unit adaptations->Read coding and change->programming of vehicle equip->folding outside mirrors->FITTED.

But I found someone who wrote that it also had to be coded in the instrument cluster, but I don't have those options in the instrument cluster->Control Unit Adaptations. Seems like it's for the prefacelift?

Does anyone who has mounted mirrors on their facelift know what is needed?
I have access to STAR and Vediamo if it is possible to do it that way, but have very little experience with Vediamo.
I don't know if it's any help but, my 2008 face-lift e320 estate has power fold mirrors.
They weren't operational when I got it but went into the system on the dash and changed from off to on.. they now fold closed when the car is locked and fold out when I open a front door. I think you need to go into change settings by pressing the button beside the speedo 3 times.
Hope you get it sorted.
Thank you for reply!
unfortunately, that is not the problem. I have activated that the mirrors should open/close when the car is locked/unlocked in the instrument panel under the comfort menu. You can open/close the mirrors manually with the button in the door, regardless of what is set in the menu on the cluster.
I can't answer your question fully but if you have xentry (Das with Developer mode) then to access Instrument Cluster Adaptations try the following:-
control units>Information & Communications>ICM-instrument cluster>Diagnosis to Plant Specifications (bottom line)>control unit adaptations>control unit adaptation (variant coding). The following menus are in German, I suggest google translate. The coding option your looking for is probably in the Variantenkodierung Werkseinstellungen Detail (Bottom Line). Good luck.

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