W211 Facelift split/fold rear seat squeak help !!!

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Phantom 211

Sep 24, 2010
Mercedes Benz E320 CDi Elegance
I have a 2006 W211 E320 CDi with the spilt fold rear seat option which comes in very handy


The nearside rear seat has developed a squeak that is driving me crazy, it must be caused by the mechanism as when the seat is pushed back but not clipped into place the squeak disappears

Has anyone resolved this problem ? It's spoiling my enjoyment of a great car

Mine did this and I thought it was the parcel shelf so I took it out and checked and all seemed fine. Still made the noise. Anyway I adjusted the boot stops to get the shut lines perfect and low and behold this cured the squeak! Now nice and silent. Trust me have a go as I thought it was maybe my seats or pan roof and it was driving me mad. Good luck.

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