W211 Front Seat Removal

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May 25, 2012
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I need to pull the drivers seat out - left hand side as its a LHD car. ( E320Cdi Estate - 2006).

I need to replace the seat base cover as the Artico is split - well it actually split about 6 years ago but now it looks horrible. The cover is on order at an eye watering £290 as I just couldn't find one to match at the breakers.

As far as I can see there are 4, 12mm External Torx bolts holding it in a and bunch of wires. As was hot climate car - Spain, there are no heated seats and its manual fore and aft adjustment so should be less hassle?

My real question is - do I disconnect the battery before I pull the cables apart as there is an airbag in the upper side of the seat.

only 4 bolts holding the seat down, I would disconnect the battery once the 4 bolts have been taken off, then remove the wiring after 10 mins.

If you disconnect the battery first you wont be able to move the seat to remove the bolts.
Its a manual slide seat so no problem with moving it. I was just concerned about the airbag. I'll disconnect it . Cheers

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