W211 turbo actuator limp mode

Nick Eastwood

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Jan 19, 2017
E320 cdi sport
Hi. Just looking for some advice before I get taken to the cleaners. I have an E320 cdi sport w211 2008. 65k on the clock. Serviced regularly.
About 3 months ago I hit a pothole that smash my left front alloy but no other obvious damage. Within a couple of weeks I started to get limp mode kicking in.
Took it in and diagnostics said turbo accuator was knackered. Seen many posts on the issue. Offered a refurb of my turbo unit which I did. Picked up the car a week later . Drove round the block and it happened again. Limp mode and then yellow engine management. Garage said I'd have to get a new mb one. Did that. A week after install started doing it again. Took it to another indy who diagnosed issue with boost pressure controller and id need another turBo probably. I've had three turbo's in the car and still getting the problem. Booked in the mb next week but could it be something else. I noticed the ecu is right next to the left suspension strut so it could have taken a shock from the pothole. Faults were cleared by my indy but I reckon it will happen again soon. Don't want to shell out another 1 5k if it's not likely to fix the issue. The problem is intermittent but eventually the engine management light will come on. Is it worth looking at replacing the ecu. I'm frustrated with these plug in diagnostics. No one seems to have a proper look these days. I'm relatively new to a benz so any help appreciated. Thanks

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