W211 v6 love, and maybe some advice?

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Jan 3, 2007
South Sheffield / Derbyshire
E320 sport W211
So i did it again.

2007 Made redundant, first child was born, bought an old s-class coupe.

Second child born 2022, made redundant bought my more practical obsession a black e320 cdi.

Maybe there's some external 3 pointed star force at work

First wife not impressed, second wife much more understanding!

So in between and before I've always had company cars. I'm taking some time, maybe starting out on my own and rationalised / sold myself a lovely 2006 e class in Feb.

Pretty good nick, memory seats etc all electrics functioning. Had the oil cooler replaced with new seals, 2 new front tyres, swirl flap mod and was getting ready to get a free weekend where the new munchkin was occupied, weather ok and I would get the machine polisher out and give her a proper fettle.

I was enjoying cruising around like MIB, silent diesel luxobarge wafting and then 160 miles from home the whole thing died and I had a small engine fire - more a chafing dish under the buffet dish but still enough to be beyond repair.

So now I'm on the hunt for another, because you know what with gas being so cheap and everything, why not buy a 3.2 v6? Plus i thought id make it easy on myself and be very specific about colour, extras and mileage.

I got really unlucky with the fire, hence being prepared to go for round 2. Now what to do with the cat n sitting on my drive to best make back some of the cash spent? I can't really break it myself - apart from wheels, head unit and maybe some easy bits. The bambino, my work search and present income generation activities take me away for much pf the days.

So in conclusion - thank you to all the members who post tirelessly and gave me hours of late-night early morning reading about the 642 engine, watch-outs and info about why the inside of the front wheels were scrubbed. It's been a great source of info and helped me not buy some (in hindsight) pretty bad choices. Any advice (other than 'buy something sensible') gratefully received.
Well, good news (I think) in that i found an 07 plate with 65k miles, black, memory seat, HK upgrade and a brabus chip dealer fitted. Picking up on Friday.

Hopefully, my bad automobile luck will end now (someone just dented the rental car in the car park....) and I can get back to thinking I'm way cooler than I am driving around in my luxobarge
Ok - so I’ll get some pics up tomorrow. It was a long delayed journey down and a bigger coming back up and the family needed some attention upon my return. Plus I have to get the 4 spare alloys and winter tyres out into the garage and tidy it up before showing her off
Ok - so I’ll get some pics up tomorrow. It was a long delayed journey down and a bigger coming back up and the family needed some attention upon my return. Plus I have to get the 4 spare alloys and winter tyres out into the garage and tidy it up before showing her off
You are building the anticipation buddy :p
64k on the clock, refurbed wheels, pdc, sunroof, memory drivers seat, full service history, linguatronic (whatever that is), HK sound and a set of 17” refurbed alloys with winter tyres almost new.
I need to polish and wax it, give the leather a bit of love, get it tinted and then a full photoshoot will ensue.
Still haven’t managed to get the windows tinted. Unexpected bill for replacement of inlet port shut off motor and maf sensor replacement put a stop to that.

Really enjoying driving it - getting about 44mpg on the highway if I keep it at 70.
Down to 30 knocking around ferrying kids and parents.

Got 650 miles to the last tank so must remember to only drive on the M1!

Weird gearbox moment accelerating uphill yesterday where it shifted about 3/4 times and juddered, ok since. Wallet flinched…..
Worth having a look underneath to see if there is any evidence of autobox fluid leaking. Mine was caught in the underbody engine tray so was easy to spot. Corrosion had introduced a small pinhole in one of the pipes resulting in a very small leak which obviously didn't get any better. Symptoms were odd gear changes, then flaring etc, which slowly got worse and worse. New connecting pipes sorted it.
That brings back fond memories, my first merc, which I bought in 2010, if memory serves me right, served me well, fantastic car.

Hope yours give you just as much pleasure, as mine gave me.


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I so wish I hadn't sold my S211! I find myself looking online for any available..... :)
Your S204 is a lovely car
Totally agree. Drives great, comfortable, most of the gadgets and when you need it, she can pick up her skirts and GO!!! But still does not have the presence or the "waftability" of the S211
Hey @bigyank would you be able to send me details service history/car photos and location about the car for sale please? Iv not been able to reply to your classified as do not have enough posts.



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