W211 washer jets post 2006

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pachanga 231

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Dec 23, 2013
E280 cdi sport 2007
After windscreen washer jets (mist type) from 2006 onwards
Part no a2118601147
Still looking
Around £40 each at stealers..
Why are you still looking if they are linked above? Are these a direct replacement?
They were the part number you posted ..

Have you given MSL a ring as suggested in post #3
That posted above has the footnote in EPC "chassis from 2007" so presumably post facelift?
The part no was provided by a member on here who has done the conversion.
I'm trying to avoid paying £70 to dealers for couple pieces of small plastic.
Don't know about you guys but the old type stream jets Do my head in!
They are heated you know...........:D
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