W211 Xenon problem

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Mar 14, 2011
E280 **********e
Hi everyone,

I own a 2006 E280 and I'm experiencing an issue with the passenger side xenon headlamp. It started to flicker occasionally about a year ago and has now stopped working completely. I assumed if was the bulb and bought a replacement but it is still dead so its not that. I've also tried replacing the module the bulb mounts into but still no joy...

Has anyone else had this issue? Curiously, the a/c is not working either now, the status LED on the switch jusg flashes but it might well be coincidence..

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
Hi AM,

Thanks for that, I haven't tried swapping the bulbs, but I could give it a go. But the new bulbs isn't work some guess ia that it will produce the same result.

I had read about the ballast you mention - do you know where I would buy it from? I don't know if a local specialist but there must be one close enough..

Thanks again,
Thanks AM, good idea. I'm near Newmarket in Suffolk.
Thanks AM. I'll give him a try.

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