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Mar 26, 2016
2004 E320 CDI
My 2004 E320 has factory fitted HID and one of my bulbs had gone yesterday, I was just about to order some and noticed that some are 35 watts and some are 55w, I think originally my ones are 35w and I'm not sure if fitting 55w would work just like using 100w halogens instead of 55w on older cars, so basically, are 55w xenons ok to use ?
Probably would give a dash warning as the current drawn would be outside the system expectations.

I'm not sure 55w HID lamps are road legal in the UK?
55w are not legal and i believe you cannot use 35w on 55w ballasts and vice versa.

Decent HID bulbs give out plenty of light if you have the right colour.
Get the osram cool blue intense. Inspite of the name there is only a hint of blue and are brillinat. They are fitted on the w212s as standard.
Just had a quick look and my ballast says 35w so I'll just get a set of decent 35w bulbs

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