w212 220d BlueTec - Standard tyres

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May 11, 2008
Exeter, Devon
Hello, What tyres should be fitted as standard onto W212 220d BlueTec (17" wheels)? I'm asking because currently I have 225/50/R17 but when I look online for new tyres by registration plate I seem to be getting different sizes as standard. This table https://www.wheel-size.com/size/mercedes/e-class/2016/#trim-e-220-bluetec-eudm seems to be suggesting something completely different to what for example Oponeo or Kwik-Fit would suggest! I'm at loss now. What tyres should I be going for? Thanks Chris
It should say on the insider of the fuel filler cover. I think 245/45 17 is the correct size.
I will check. Thanks! Can any of the owners confirm which tyres are fitted to your car? Interesting that dealer would fit tyres which are NOT recommended! Cheers Chris
On my W212 E350 it was delivered with Continental 245/45 R17's. I've tried Michelin and Goodyears but they don't ride and corner as well as the Continentals do.
225/50/R17 fitted as standard on my "16" reg E220 Bluetec (non AMG version)
You have one more option 245/45/17 as you won't notice any visible difference than 225/50

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