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Mar 27, 2014
BMW 330d M Sport Touring X Drive
Having acquired my lovely 2014 E250 CDi AMG Sport I’d like to treat it to a new set of floor mats. Can anyone recommend any without breaking the bank buying from Mercedes?
I've used THESE PEOPLE before now, lastly for a W201 I used to own.

Excellent quality and a various choices of colour and quality to pick from. I've hopefully linked their page to land on your particular E Class though, if not, it may want a bit of "back-paging". :)

I was just unclear about his original question.

Newcastle, bless their little Geordie socks, can usually provide a discounted genuine amB bargain. Delivered to your door much more quickly than by the local MB dealer
I purchased a set of genuine Mercedes all weather mats for my 2021 GLC from main dealership in Norwich, these are heavy duty rubber mats and they have already fallen apart where the ribs in the mat are, my heels have broken down the ribs and this is on a very low mileage car it’s only done just over 11000 miles.

Apparently the warranty on accessories like mats is around a year and the mats are around 15 months old.

So although the rest of the mats (not the ribs) are fairing fairly well the rest not so much.

I’m sure I remember paying £70 for a set of MB mats about twenty years ago.

£107 in 2023 doesn’t seem bad value to me but it’s an individual choice :)
From memory my mats were around £80, as my car has saddle brown leather interior I ordered the brown rubber mats from Germany via dealership, they are very dark brown and you would be pushed to tell the difference to a black set.

Ouch......that's silly money really....to put that into perspective I recently replaced the carpet in my son's bedroom for about that....inclusive of fitting!

Merc mats are poor quality theses days too. My wife's 99 SLK came with a set of the tough ridged Mercedes carpet mats.....and they were still pretty much like new 70,000 miles and 11 years later when we sold it. So we ordered the same type for he A Class....they showed wear after about 6 months...so after some effort Mercedes replaced them...about five years later they are very tired looking and the driver one has nearly worn through. Rubbish compared to what they used to supply.....like everything else I guess. We won't buy them again.

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