W212 E class Servicing oddity

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May 5, 2013

Assyst has just flashed up on the dashboard that i am due a B service on my 59 plate E220 (265k miles !!) and whilst trawling the internet for details of what a B service entails i come across the Elecronic Service Sheet provided by Merc ( ESS link and after putting my details in it tells me at 265k miles i should be due an A service :dk:

i have a traditional service sheet from its last service at 251k miles ( done at an indy) which states that oil etc changed and fuel filter changed so what do you recon my course of action is ?

could they offsetting of A and B on car and ESS be due to it having a service which was only wiped from the dashboard computer and not reset or similar

AND - at 265k miles should i even be worrying lol ? I have a very good Bosch garage just down the road that has serviced my cars for years but dont think they will be able to keep up the Electronic service book ( which has been well maintained with the car getting serviced by a merc dealer and then specialist such as MB Centre in nottm up to the last couple of services) so should i just take it to them and ask them to do me an "ordinary" service ?

Cheers for any offerings of wisdom in advance
AND - at 265k miles should i even be worrying lol ?

That was my first thought when I read the mileage!

How long have you owned the car? In practice there isn't much difference in the basic scope of work between A and B services, and the extra items such as fuel and air filters come up based on age/mileage regardless of which service is being done.

At the mileage your car has done you might as well just do whatever suits you best, it's not going to impact the car's value.
I'm second owner from new and know the history of the car so not unduly worried and think I will opt for local service. The only thing that was puzzling me is the fact the dashboards B service but the ess said its due A service ( and the sheet from last service indicated it had had a fuel and air filter change)
It happened to me once on my old CLK. what happen was, the car was due for an A service but we didn't have time to book it in and was over 1000 miles over due than the car ask for B service instead.

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