W212 E220 showing random oil level and possible oil leak.

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Nov 29, 2023
United kingdom
W212 e220
Hello All,

This might be stupid question but still need some advice. I noticed a misting of engine oil under the oil pan when i had transmission service done few weeks ago. When i checked the dipstick its only few lines under the max and I had the oil change done 3 months ago.

I checked the oil level again on Thursday evening after tha car has stopped and left for 3-4 hours and the oil level was again 5 lines under the max the same as i saw it few weeks before. I checked it again on Saturday morning (today) and the oil level was only 5 lines above the minimum.

I started the car and let it rest for 2 hours and checked it again and it came back to its previous level.

So i am very confused at the moment, i bought the new oil cooler assembly because my mechanic said the leak is usually caused by the oil filter housing seals getting worn and it needs changing. But i am very curious why it keeps showing different levels, is it because the cold weather.

Any ideas?


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Yes temperature will effect the reading. No need to be concerned; as long as the level is between min and max then don't go looking for a problem that is not there. Obviously if the level drops below the min or rises above the max then it needs investigating.

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