W212 E300 fuel filler flap problem


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Apr 5, 2017
E300 Hybrid Estate
my son mentioned to me this evening that my fuel flap was hanging open.

Took a closer look and it would appear that the "hinge" is broken where it attaches to the housing. The top seems well anchored but the bottom of the plastic hinge no longer seems to be attached to the housing inside the wing.

I have absolutely no idea how this has happened.

Basically the flap door hangs when it is open and waggles about a lot such that when you try to close it it does not line up properly and the latch and locking will not engage.

A piece of tape will suffice to keep the door closed and allow the locking mechanism to work for the next few days but I need to get it repaired.

I assume the hinge assembly has some form of spring in it that keeps it held closed and therefore probably not a quick fix.

Does anyone know if I need to buy the whole assembly / housing fixed within the rear wing or can I just buy the hinge mechanism?

Any guidance would be very much appreciated.

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