W212 E350 V6 Diesel

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Mar 27, 2014
W212 E250 CDi AMG Sport
Hi Guys,

Considering a W212 E350 CDi AMG Sport Saloon. PLenty about but prices all over the place sadly. Are these pretty reliable on the whole? How do they compare on the whole to the E250 CDi? I currently have a C220 CDi AMG Sport Coupe that im in the process of selling but wanting a W212 to replace it.......

Is mileage an issue? I have this thing in my head about over 100k Miles avoid like the plague.......
With typical maintenance, the engines themselves are fine. There are a few bits & pieces here and there that may cause issues (Adblue etc) but the biggest cost seems to be the oil cooler seals. Not an expensive part but the cooler is buried way down in the 'V' so it's a labour-intensive job.
I have a 2012 E350 cdi sport estate, went through a new mot on thursday, not a single advisory at 212k. Its all down to maintainence and how the mileage has been done.
I've had an E350 CDi saloon for over nine years. Registered in March 2011. It's done just over 115K, about 82k in my ownership. It's an absolute peach of an engine. Refined, smooth with loads of grunt and effortless overtaking potential. Never had a problem with the engine but as per other comments, it has been serviced every year without fail. Most of my mileage has been steady cruising on the M6. According to the onboard computer, my current average mpg is sitting at 47.9.
Very good cars, no adblue issues of course. The main things to watch for are the oil cooler seals (£1000+ ish job at an independent £300 ish diy), rusty rear subframe (should be foc replacement at MB if needed), rusty brake pipes esp the rear ones just in front of the rear wheels (£ a few hundred depending on the extent of the damage); then all of the used car stuff to check
Service history is much much more important than total miles covered; well looked after they will be good for 300k miles so cheaper well looked after 150/180k milers are great vfm.
“Actual prices achieved” are all over the place? Don’t you mean “asking prices?”

See above comments. A well maintained vehicle in good condition will achieve a better actual price. A badly maintained one with visible and not visible issues won’t.

High mileages? There’s no better example than an E class of vehicles that can do high mileages. Check out the carriage trade. Their workhorses can be seen on the way to every airport with 200+k on the odometer, still looking fresh as a daisy.

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