W212 E350 V6 petrol 2012 oil ?

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Jul 4, 2021
E350 2012 Estate
Good morning all,

And please excuse the noob question.

I am trying to sort out the parts for my 2012 E350 petrol V6 with 54k miles on it.
I never serviced this car ("new car") and I was wondering what oil would you guys recommend?

I do not have the start/stop function.

5W30, 5w40 or 10w40?

Give the fact that I live in the UK I would go for the 5W30.
But I was thinking of asking for advice as maybe 5w40 would be better?

Also, I always use Liquy Molly. Is it recommended to use directly recommended petrol oil? Or can I put the top tec brown one that says Merc spec petrol/diesel?

Don`t bash me too hard on this. I like this car and I want to give it a "premium" treat.

Thanks all!

I got the maintenance manual in Japanese. Can`t make sense of it
As long as any oil meets the MB specification for that engine you will be fine.

Mercedes Newcastle have an eBay shop and if you contact them they often have good deals on Mercedes oil and filters.
I`ve got the manual and indicators in Japanesse. I can`t tell if they used 0W30 or 5W30. that's the only thing
The oil spec for the car should be in the car's onboard 'handbook', stored in the hard drive, however, I suppose yours might be in Japanese :)

Being petrol it would **probably** have been oil to 229.3 spec back in 2012, and/or possibly 229.5 if that had been introduced by then. 229.5 is backward compatible with 229.3.

To the best of my knowledge MB dealers now only supply 229.5 (no longer supply 229.3) and I've only seen 5W/40 advertised by MB dealers selling genuine MB 229.5 oil. I don't recall seeing genuine Mercedes 229.5 oil advertised in 5W/30. [Diesel engine oils, however, are specs such as 229.31, 229.51, and most of those are 5W/30].

If you search for Mercedes operating fluids Bevo 229.5 you should find the Mercedes approved oils. To the best of my knowlege 229.5 oils are all 0W/30, 0W/40, 5W/30 or 5W/40. 10W/40 is not listed. Unfortunately I'm unable to copy the link for some reason.

As it's an older engine, I'd be using 5W/30 or 5W/40, ie not 0W, but that's a purely personal thing. There were some 5W/50 and 10W/40 229.3-approved oils but I've no idea if they're still available.

All of the above assumes that Japanese-market engines used the same specification oils as Europen-market engines and only your handbook would show that. My comments are a guide only, not a definitive answer as I don't know the specifications of your engine.
When I had a Mercedes with an M276 twin turbo / intercooler set up. I used 5W /30 engine oil ( Mercedes 229.5 ) and had no issues with a car that had 43000 miles on the clock.
I would suspect but I could be wrong that you may need to run the car on 99 octane fuel.If you car came from the North Island 0W/30 oils would / may be need for cold start issues.
As above. MB229.5, either 5w-30 or 5w-40. That's what the MB dealers used on my petrol car over the years. As for brands, MB-branded oil is a popular choice.
I'd not use any extra additives like Liqui Moly; it may give you a warm fuzzy feeling, but the engine doesn't need it. If it had another hundred thousand miles on it it might possibly be a good idea, but at sixty thousand, it's a waste of money for no benefit.

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