W212 E350CDI vs E220 CDI

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Mar 27, 2014
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I have recently started a new job and im now done around 300-350 miles a week, mainly motorway commuting though do some town work as well. I am looking to trade in my BMW M235i which has been absolutely flawless in my ownership. Mercland have some nice examples in, a lovely 16 plate E220 CDI AMG Night Edition and an E350 CDI on a 15 plate. Both are within my price range. My question is, is the MPG that different between the 2 cars? I know the E350 is the V6 and E220 is a 4 cylinder. I did own an E350 CDI coupe a few years ago and it was a nice motor. If im doing 350 miles a week say, how much more will it cost in fuel to cover that in the E350 than the E220......is the difference tiny? The car is literally going to be a comfortable motorway cruiser.......


I think to a degree it depends on your speed. If you are very frugal with the E350, something around 60mpg is not out of the question. If you will be driving as fast as speed limits and conditions will possibly allow, you will get noticeably better mpg from the E220.

Grabbed this on the drive the other night
Just did Glasgow to Manchester 5 up and boot full of luggage on the E350 cdi averaging 46.3 at an average speed of 73mph. It’s so relaxed and virtually silent at 75/80mph. The level of refinement always astounds me for our 10 year old car.
The 350 does do well on a motorway run but, will be thirsty around town in stop start traffic. The 220 will obviously be much better in town and I reckon maybe 5/10 mpg max better on the motorway. Don’t drive the 350 before the 220 …..
I would personally go 350 as the difference in quietness, refinement and punch is very different to a 220.
They will both make nice motorway cars and the 4 cylinder version will probably work out cheaper to run overall. By how much really depends on how you drive. The E350 is just a much more pleasant experience but you know that already from your coupe. For me there are lots of good 2 litre diesels out there. Much less 3 litre 6 cylinder ones. Makes the overhead of owning a MB more sense. You obviously like your cars so the E350 is going to be much nicer to live with. There are cheaper 2 litre options around than a E220 which make good motorway cars too.
Im literally not too fussed about performance, in comparison to the M235i even the E350 will feel sluggish. Its literally going to be a motorway cruiser for me. Even looking at the E250 CDi but these have more problems I believe?

No different to 220 CDI reliability as same OM651 engine but 250 has larger 2nd turbo .
No replacement for displacement!
For me V6 all day long, my current and previous one was V6, as others have said, they are much more refined.

This was my trip yesterday.

I have a lowly 200d but i have it mapped to 220d power. That was horsing on too north of 80mph 🤫

Some A roads and town driving too

For a motorway you dont need anything more power wise than the 220d i would say. It was more power than required.

I have a slightly smaller CLA shooting brake. Doing steady speeds i would say 60mpg would be easily obtainable
Ive got a E250 (S212) and to be honest for the type of barge it is i think the 250 is ample in terms of power - i certainly don't need any more for what i use it for. It's also very smooth for a 4 pot - as long as your engine mounts are in good nick (when i had mine done it made a huge difference). On the motorway all i can hear are the tyres and a bit of wind noise tbh, nothing really from the engine. I think it's a good balance. I did also look at the 350 when i bought mine but for me the S212 is more of a workhorse.
Best I've had from my e350 coupe from COLD - over 256 miles was 48 mpg . If I press reset whilst driving and quickly take a photo I can post a picture showing 79 mpg over a 20 mile stretch with a hot engine.

If your mainly driving alone the 220 is more than adequate tbh , I owned a c250 and loved it , apart from tick over when it sounded like a BMW tractor .

The fuel savings of a 220 to a 350 over a year won't be that great ,but the 350 experience will be GREAT !! .
Different perspective from me.

The difference in mpg is insignificant in terms of the annual running cost. Pluck a couple of mpg numbers out of the noise and do the numbers yourself. Then look at the difference it does to your annual running cost, all in: not much.

But the difference in quality of the engine and specification of the car overall is substantial. You're picking up a more expensive car at a discount for seven years of age. To me, that makes the £16k E350 a bargain.

Faster cars aren't driven faster "down my way," in the 'burbs or on the motorway. Those days disappeared two decades ago.

Just buy a good car with a good history and the right spec for you.


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