W212 Headlight Xenon failure - replace with new or second-hand

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Apr 12, 2016

My left xenon headlight comes on briefly before switching off, and a dash warning of "Itell. Light System Inoperative" appears. My iCarsoft unit reports code 900A LIN Error.
The car (W212 62 plate) is now down at my local trusted mechanic and he says it needs a replacement headlight. Can these not be repaired?
Reading some of the other posts on headlights on the forum, there seems confusion about re-coding after replacement.
I wondered if a used headlight would be easier/cheaper (due to coding) than buying a new one.
I've seen a new headlight on from EuroCarParts on ebay item 234804370538.

As a follow up a local Mercedes specialist first tried a bulb replacement, followed by control module. This module needed coding.
Problem resolved
Do you know if I would be able to code a control module using ICarSoft CR MAX? My friend has one and specialists are charging 100+ for coding.
I'm sorry but I don't know. The mechanic mentioned having to get a code online to input into the unit.
You will need star with a verified online mb account to code the module I think. Saying that the headlight should still work without coding. It is just the fancy active functions that won’t operate.

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