W212 Interior 'leather' options

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Jan 10, 2019
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Hi all,

Bit of a boring one here - I'm trying to understand the different seat material options on a pre-facelift W212. As far as I know there is:
Pre-facelift cars have the seams going *across* the seats rather than front to back, unlike the facelift full leather seats.

Anyway, I'm seeing some seats on eBay that appear to be black leather, but do NOT have the white stitching - even rear heated seats, so I don't think it's the artico. The full black artico seats seem to have a 'dotty' appearance on the main panels. Like this: Front Seat MERCEDES E CLASS 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 W212 Left ELECTRIC | eBay - this is different to the full artico material.

Are these artico, or did they offer the full leather sport seats, but with black stitching? Does the black stitching mean artico? Perhaps they are from an Avantgarde. Anyone have real leather sport seats but with the black stitching?

My black seats have the white stitching and second question is about the colour of the seats. Does anyone know if the shade of black on all the seats match - for example, could I combine a half leather rear seat section with a full leather front seat, and would the colour of the leather portions match?

Anyone had them next to each other to be able to compare?

I need some replacement seats and was wondering about mixing and matching (I have my reasons!!)



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