W212 Mercedes E Coupe Retrofits


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Jul 28, 2013
Mercedes E Coupe
I am in the process of purchasing a very nice looking 59 (2010) plate e350 coupe sport.

It is already fitted with Command and hdd with pcmcia, however, it is missing a few extras I would like.

I know what I like but am not very experienced with car mods, and was hoping someone would be able to tell me how much the following will cost and how much labour is involved, and if they are possible? I have read all the previous threads but was looking to get the most up to date information. I won't be doing the work myself. Taking these in order:

1. Reversing camera. Is it possible to install the wireless camera, is the quality good and where is it mounted?

2. Improve the audio. Is the amp on the passenger side still the best solution when considering money and quality. Does it need a sub?

3. Can tv be installed?

4. DAB radio.

Thanks in advance.

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