W212 OSRAM upgrade bulbs! (XENON HELP!)

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Mar 4, 2017
Dublin, Ireland
2013 E250 CDI
Hey All

I have read on a number of forums that in November 2010 Mercedes changed the HID bulbs in the EClass from Philips 4300K to OSRAM 5000K for increase brightness and overall awesomeness. As my car was delivered in July 2010 its has the older 4300K bulbs, One of my Xenon bulbs just died and I'm having it changed as part of a service tomorrow. The bulb that they ordered in the system has the following part number N910139000002, This translates to a Philips 4300K D1S bulb, They said they had no other options on the system, Now obviously I wanted the newer bulb as this is costing me a small fortune. I gave the parts department a registration of a 2011 e-class and they came back with the part number N000000007622, This shows up as the OSRAM version. However, they can only order the bulbs the system says are relevant to my car, Will the newer bulbs work or do I need a different lense ? Has anyone else don't this upgrade?
Just buy a pair of Osram Cool Blue Intense direct from Amazon, currently £63.16 a pair. They are reckoned to be the same bulb that MB use and if not you always replace them as a pair so you won't know the difference.

Don't pay stupid MB dealer prices!
As long as the new Xenon lamp you buy is the same Wattage as your existing ones (most are 35W I believe) and has a D1S fitment then you can fit any ones you like though I don't think legally you can go any higher than "5k" Colour temp.

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