W213 Comand custom POIs & media upload

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Jan 31, 2017
E350D (W213)
I am really frustrated by the lack of ability to add custom POIs to my new E320d. It is a feature which has just "disappeared" without notice. I always used it on my Jag for "Safety Cameras". Does anyone know how or who to put pressure on to re-instate the facility? The same goes for uploading music to the HDD, no CD player AND no upload facility.
Just ust received my S213 and finding the command sat nav user experience very different and clunkier to that of S212. I find it harder to enter a destination, it(doesn't recognise any 6-digit postcodes but will find the street when entering only the first four letters).

Does anyone know how to save destinations for re-use other than as 'home', 'work' or Global Favourite?

@MichaelK, in regards to saving musing onboard, there is a SD slot in the centre console which I assume can be used as media storage? Alternatively just store on smartphone and connect via Bluetooth.

I find Apple Car play a waste of time as when connected it overrides the command system.

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