W213 Estate Tailgate problems.

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Jan 12, 2003
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Hi All. I am not a new member, but one returning after a long absence. I bought a 2017 E350CDI AT Estate a couple of years ago, and was initially very impressed with all the "toys" it had fitted, which included a form of self driving. Once the novelty wore off, I just use it as a good quality load lugger, and for towing my caravan which it does superbly. The electric tailgate has now started reclosing when you open it, and actually came down on me when I was reaching inside. To use the car, I am currently opening the tailgate with the handle, and then forcibly stopping it from reclosing to get to a position where it stays open. It will then reclose on the button, but faster than originally. This is probably not doing the motor any good, and any suggestions as to what might be causing this would be appreciated. The car has only done approx. 45,000 miles, but I am wondering whether whatever spring struts it uses to take most of the load off the electric motor are failing.
Possibly not, but I triggered the motion sensor with my foot being too close to the rear bumper as it was still rising which made it change direction on me. Just coming up to 60k miles and struts still seem happy.
I have taken both struts off individually (with tail gate propped open with a strut), and found R/H one easy to compress by hand. Have ordered two replacements from Mb and hope to change over the weekend. Currently assisting tailgate opening and closing by hand to reduce the strain on the motor, as I dont want to have to buy a new motor at Mercedes prices!

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