W213/S213 AMG E43/E53 Set of 4 x 19" Twin 5 Spoke AMG Alloys Wanted

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Dec 31, 2009
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I have a 2017 S213 E43 with the optional 20" Twin 5 Spoke Night Edition alloys and looking to downgrade to 19" alloys with slightly higher tyres to give a slightly better ride. Could work a swap deal for anyone with an S213/W213 E43/E53 AMG that has the standard 19" alloys that wanted to upgrade to 20" alloys. Or happy to buy the 19" alloys outright. Can be with or without tyres as was looking to put on a new set of tyres anyway.

The AMG E43/E53 have staggered 9J alloys with ET49 at the rear but 8J ET20 at the front. Slightly different to the non-AMG models which have ET43's at the front.
Just to conclude this thread as I have found a set of these so no longer required. They did make a difference but not enough for me so have taken the tough decision to sell the E43 now and is listed in the classifieds section.

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