W215 Ride Height Adjustment

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    Dec 21, 2014
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    I recently got a pre-facelift W215 and it has uneven ride height. Plugged in Star and adjusted the ride height within 15mm all corners. However when setting the calibration, it says values are not within range.

    Front values range is 2.4 to 3.1
    Rear values range is -3.3 to -2.9

    However the rear sensors are reading a positive 2.xV for both during the +/- adjustment screen.

    1. Should the actual values be displayed in negative for rears? It is physically not possible to adjust rears to -ve values.
    2. Could both rear height sensors legs been refitted 180 degrees out thus a positive signal?

    Attached is the screen with Actual and Range shown.

    I'm entering 2.4 fronts and -3.3rears on next screen where it asks for readings from alignment machine, following getting that 'values not in range' error.

    Thanks for guidance.

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