W216 Comand fault

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Feb 3, 2006



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Any luck, same has happened to W216.........
Hi, I have 2007 W216, CL500 owned since new, and after water ingress into n/sf footwell due to blocked drain hole I now have NTG3 comand issues. Initially whist driving the comand turned itself off, after turning back on twice it kept going off again. After finishing my journey I noticed the water ingress. Days later and after drying out the footwell the comand would no longer “wake up” and had to be started manually by the switch on the lower centre console. Although I initially had sound and the comand display worked the comand heater controls couldn’t be accessed along with the dynamic seats, and the steering wheel volume controls and linguatronic were u/s in addition to the C/S/M switch in the lower centre console. Comand would also shut down after 30mins as it didn’t receive the signal to say the car was running. After removing n/s carpets and seat there appears to be no water that has made its way through vent ducts or wiring ducts to the rear of the interior. Car has been stood inside for 3 weeks now and after disconnecting both batteries, checking fuse 122 voltage and 12v to the rear of comand we now have a completely dead comand unit. I.e no comand display, no lights on comand and no reset possible either. I have checked multiple forums and tried the following - X30/20 connector wires, Fuse 122 and all other fuses checked. Xentry system suggests limited/no CAN signal from/to comand A40/1/ upper control panel UCP and Central Gateway CGW. I guess my question is whilst having limited knowledge of the Xentry system is it likely to be the comand itself that is faulty or even possibly the rear HK amplifier that’s has in someway got condensation/water damage or shorted out? Is there a way to check if the rear amp is faulty without swapping it out (will a can loop on the amp connector start comand operating if the amp was at fault) or is it a case of just trying another amp? Diagnostic test doesn’t suggest an amp fault but with so many control units not responding I am probably not ruling it out.
I guess I could do with either trying another HK amp and/or a comand unit (the latter being a Becker BE7071) unless anyone else can give some further guidance. Appreciate any help or advice.
PS. Had the W216 for 13 years, amongst other vehicles, and have done 125k miles In it and still love the car to this day! Always my go to vehicle.

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