W218 CLS 2016- NTG 5.0 Reverse Camera Retrofit

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Feb 13, 2015
Mercedes C220 CDI Sport (sold)

do you guys have any recommendations of Reverse Camera Integration brands you have used in the past?

Have a CLS 2016 using the NTG 5.0 command system.

Have short listed:

Vehicle Integrated Products- NAV TV


Motormax NTG 5.0 Integration Kit

Motormax is cheaper than Vehicle Integration products.

But rather be sure whats more reliable as its the hassle of taking apart the car again! London is a hectic day to day routine so would rather get it right first time.

Also if not the above; then any other brands you guys have used?
Talk to @Alfie (real name Mark!) at comand.co.uk AKA Unique Car Sounds in Lightwater, Surrey (a couple of miles from J3 M3) plus look at their website comandonline.co.uk, they fitted a reversing camera and front parking sensors to my S204 a couple of years ago, just wish I'd had rear parking sensors installed at the same time!
I'd recommend a retrofit of the factory system rather than the aftermarket interfaces. But if you have to go aftermarket, VI-Products is the interface to use. You need to get a decent camera too ..

Thanks Richard, I was going to tag you as well, but when I typed Richard for some reason it did not suggest richard!
Many thanks for the quick replies guys. The problem with Retrofit of factory is I phoned Mercedes Benz Colindale in London and they were quick to reply and say we can only supply parts that are on your Datacard. So i dont have any reference to Part Numbers that are required and obviously professionals that do this for a living dont like to share this. I am into detailing and do servicing and basic maintenance on my own cars. My neighbour is a ex mechanic so if I get stuck he gives me a hand so wanted to do a DIY job to save some £££’s (I know sorry)!
Have you asked Richard if comand.co.uk can retrofit factory original?
Have you asked Richard if comand.co.uk can retrofit factory original?
I didn’t because was doing a DIY approach and they most probably wouldn’t want to share the part numbers with me. Dont want to spend alot as will sell in under a years time and I know Comand.co.uk will charge alot for a genuine Retrofit. If anybody has part numbers to share on forum please do or else will have to go for VI Products interface which Richard kindly gave his opinion on. Appreciate all the replies guys!

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