w219 Brake Upgrade...?

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  1. Astonv12

    Astonv12 Member

    May 1, 2011
    Leeds, West Yorkshire
    w219 CLS 350 CDi Grand Edition Palladium Silver
    Hi All

    Are there any decent disc & pad upgrades available for a W219 350 CDi?

    I had all discs and pads replaced last year and the pads now need replacing again. I average about 40k a year so want some stoppers that can handle a lot of motorway and A road use.

    I've seen some Black Diamond and MTEC discs, but the Black Diamond only list for a CLS 320 CDi - specs all look the same but can anyone confirm the 350cdi discs are the same as a 320cdi disc..?

    Anyone got any ideas for brake upgrades for road use ? :dk:
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  2. Cez

    Cez New Member

    Jun 15, 2017
    Coventry, UK
    CLS 320
    Hi mate,
    I have recently bought EBC pads and discs for my C219 and they work fantastic.
    Link below from where i got my pads.


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