W219 CLS 320 Harman Kardon upgrade options?


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Feb 20, 2010
Dear all,

This is my first post here. Any advice appreciated. I have recently purchased a CLS 320 with the harman kardon upgrade. To be honest, i'm not much impressed with the output and bass. I think the quality is pretty ok, particularly for low/mid volumes.

I intend on upgrading but am slightly tight on my budget and am not very sure what would be the best way to go about it. I want some opinions on the following options. I dont want to replace the command head unit, which obviously would keep some limitation on the quality.

1. To upgrade the front and reat components without further amplification and an addition of a sub/bass tube (powered)
2. Upgrade amplification to the front and rear components without changing the speakers and addition of a sub/basstube.
3. Upgrade the front and rear components, amplify them and add a sub/bass tube

The third option clearly is best of the 3 but would cost most both in terms of parts and labour.

I want to know if people have upgraded their systems and how they feel about it and if I can have some advise from the ones who know about their stuff. One final question, if i do go on to upgrade the front and rear components with the sub, what do i do about the center surround and rear surround speakers, ?disconnect them or let them be connected and they would kick in when i switch audio mode to Logic-7, and wouldnt work when playing audio in standard mode??

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