W219 CLS320 CDI 209 - twitchy

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Nov 4, 2016
Had a chance to have a good drive in the car now and I love it. It's had new front springs and bushes and I'm finding that the back end feels twitchy and light on its feet over pots, drains and changes of surface.

Is this due to the cars power or is it a rear suspension thing. It has a Evergreen tyres allround which I've never heard of but don't seem to review too badly. Standard suspension not air.
As long as all suspension bits have no play front or back I'd get the alignment checked on all four corners and go from there. Is the rubber at the rear end on its last legs? Does the traction control light up without a lot of provocation?
Have got concerned enough to book the car into a dealer for a look. Been out in the frost this morning and at anything above 10 mph we're all over the place. Same on leaves and if one tyre is on a drain cover or different surface.

I get that there's a lot of power going through the rear wheels but I just don't feel safe on any variable surface.

Any other 320cdi owners care to comment on how their cars are on frosty surfaces? Mine's a bit scary to say the least!

Tyres all have at least 6mm btw.
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Update on this. The Jag dealer I bought the car from had replaced the rear springs not the front and they had been installed incorrectly with one upside down and both with the incorrect rubber fixings. The rear suspension had also been rebuilt incorrectly. Couple that with cheap Chinese tyres and you have a car that feels like it's on ball bearings.

Selling dealer paying for Mercedes to put it right. No doubt I'll have to fork out to change the tyres but at least I'm still alive!
Three weeks later and I have four new springs, new bushes, four new Pirelli P7's, a new rear corner suspension kit and all tracking and alignment sorted. Work done by MB and paid for by Jag dealer. Looking forward to actually enjoying the car now...

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