W220 ABS iCarsoft MB V2.0

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Feb 28, 2004
2001 W220 Mercedes S320cdi & 2001 W208 CLK230K (SORN since 2008)
I have a iCarsoft MB V2.0, although its advertised to deal with ABS, it does not seem to work on my 2001 W220 S320cdi, has anyone had any luck using theirs to diagnose ABS problems. I have spoken to the suppliers and they did say to update it but it did not seem to work and then told me certain features would be restricted on this model. Its an odd one as my ABS light is on and the pedal sinks when pressed and I don't want to go through the replacing parts route as ABS can be expensive considering how may parts are linked to the system, I have done the obvious of checking fuses and even flushing my brake fluid, but still no joy, so chances are its a ABS wheel sensor or worse the ABS unit.

The car is SORN and I would like to get it back on the road for the new year so driving to a garage is an issue.

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