W220 S500 Brabus Exhaust System For Sale

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Jan 10, 2009
I have just acquired a 2000/W S500 which has a Brabus exhaust system. Looking to sell but need a replacement unit so you buy mine and I buy yours. System is still on the car which has done about 70,000 miles only.

Don't know what this is worth so any valuation would be appreciated.

Call 07889 111 722 or 0116 21 22 373 if interested.


Video link: https://streamable.com/2nmrz
Just got the car. It was dead as it hadn't been used for a few weeks. Jumped it and brought it home. Battery is charging now. I will get video with sound sorted tomorrow.
Sorry guys. Going to sell this car whole with the Brabus exhaust and wheels. Will list on AutoTrader today for 2k. 2000/W S500 with 73k. Owned by my uncle since 2004 with 2 former keepers.

Has some issues:

Airmatic compressor comes on more often than not and is noisy. Car does not drop and no warning lights on the dash.

Hesitation sometimes on kickdown. Had a look online and could be a gas pedal module.

Photos available through Whatsapp.


07889 111 722
0116 21 22 373

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