W220 S500 noisy Airmatic pump!

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Jan 28, 2011
2001 W220 S500
Had this for a while now, wondering if anyone has experienced similar.

After about 3 weeks of owning the car it started making a really load groaning noise from the drivers front wheel - it comes on intermittently and seems to stop with a hissing noise when speed drops under 20mph. It is really loud and comes on at random times - if I press the airmatic button to raise to maximum height it takes 15-20 seconds which I have read means the pump is working OK. Anyone have an idea what it could be?

Would be grateful for any input!

Chances are the pump has blown the back off itself, it exposes the piston is extremely noisy but still work as a pump.
Oh right, is there an easy way to access this and can it be put back on?

Thanks for the reply!
You will need to remove arch/under plastic trims to gain access, new pump time really unless your handy with a drill and tap and the end cap is still floating around. It riveted on originally and the rivets rot out.

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