w221 06 Rearview Camera coding.

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by axesrus, Aug 17, 2011.

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    Jun 30, 2007
    S500 W221 BLUE
    I am having a CKO AV interface and Rearview camera fitted to my w221 06 (with telematics update already done, birdseye etc) fitting by Audio island.

    My dilema is.
    (i'am pretty sure (90%) i have to have my dealership enable rearview on star/das/scn.)
    Parts we Are Using.
    CKO av interface, pdf states w221 needs to be coded,

    Camera = S-class
    CKO International Ltd - Cameras

    My choices are.

    A: Get it done before retrofit.
    b: Get it done after retrofit.

    My question is.
    Do w221 need to be coded for rearview, and if so, can it be done prior to retrofit.(so we know the retrofit has been sucessfull) or does it have to be done after retrofit.
    Do i Need to know if Camera is PAL OR NTSC?

    or am i totally Barking up the wrong tree.
    Any help Greatly Appriciated.(Sorry if Question Lacks Technical Expertise).
    Any pitfalls/shortcuts etc.?
    Axesrus (Hull UK)
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