W221 amplifier wiring help required

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May 2, 2020
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Hi I have a water damaged HK amp on a w221 s500 2007. It is unrepairable so went down the base amp route. The most all plugged in and one of the speaker connectors. Radio is now available and tunes to the station so Most is ok but still no sound. Problem is there was another connector next to the speaker connector that was missing on my car. I now have this connector but cannot find any wiring diagrams on how to connect it
It is a small black connector with 2 wires grey/green and grey white
Thanks in advance
Do you mean you got the connector with wires from somewhere? I guess you would not know about the wire colours otherwise because you say that connector is missing from your car?

The wire colours seem to point to the H4/27 front centerfill speaker but these wires should come from the big speaker connector #6. Perhaps an insert? Should have a look at starfinder but don't have it at reach just now.

You could google for pe82.60-p-2101-97saa for the standard amplifier wiring but I did not find any good documents.
I have a copy of the manual but struggling to find a similar amp. The manual is showing an amp and sound processor. This is the missing connector. I have the wiring now just don’t know how to wire it up. It has 2 wires grey/green & grey/white they are twisted that makes me think they may be can wires. I am now considering replacing the amp for the HK one as I am not sure it will ever work with the base one.


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No CAN on the amplifier, control delivered via MOST. What is the part number of the box in the photo?

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