W221 playing video files from USB

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Mar 15, 2006
S350 Bluetec W221 2011
Does anyone know what the procedure is to play video files from USB in a W221 S class? There are a few threads on various forums indicating it's possible but having tried particular file formats and suggestions, the best I can do is get the audio from the video file to play.

What I've established is that files less than 1080p in something like an mp4 format should play, but ultimately don't. I've also tried from SD card and it again plays the audio only. DVD's obviously work as they should but I stopped buying those over a decade ago.

Just to reassure people, this is for the kids as the car has the rear entertainment screens.
A facelift car? The manual should list supported audio formats.


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Yes, 2011.

The audio works fine, it's the video that's not. I'm trying to establish whether it's even possible to play movies from a USB first, and then can work out how.

The manual isn't conclusive.
Sorry, don't know why I thought the issue was about audio formats. I never tried video from memory card and I only had NTG3 but perhaps the data would need to follow the video DVD format. Have you tried to copy a complete DVD to a USB stick?
Thank you, that's a good suggestion to try.

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