W221 S500 Airmatic Rear Suspension Height

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Sep 9, 2016
C217 Night Edition
Afternoon chaps,

Just measuring my clearance pre installation of my lowering links and the passenger side rear clearance (UK Right hand drive) is 50mm!!! higher than the drivers side. Lifted car on airmatic and then lowered. Driven car to settle suspension but still the same. WTF!!! No fault warnings at all. Anyone out there got any advise with this one would be much appreciated. garno
Are you definitely on a perfectly flat and level ground?

My previous E55K used to adjust itself on anything but... which made me think something was wrong but it was all level on flat and level ground.

I have a different car now but not long enough to see this kind of thing yet but as it also runs Airmatic - I would guess it is the same.

Or if it is, I know the ride heights set in Star were all different and not the correct OEM values on my E55K too - had them reset.

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