W221 / S500 bike racks - any alternative to a tow bar?

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Nov 8, 2014
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I would love to buy an S500, but I need to carry a bike or two, once a month.

Has anyone got any suggestions of how I could do this without going to the faff of having a retractable tow bar?

Someone proposed a Saris Bones, but it seems that Saris don't recommend it because of the side straps on the S500 boot lid.

All comments appreciated.
Roof bars .

I have four Thule bike carriers which have gone on the roof of my various W123/124/126/201 cars with only a change of foot packs .

We have a Saris Bones too , used on Jan's Focus , which I've thought of trying on my cars , but am wary of the metal hooks damaging the paint at the edges of my bootlids .
Thanks for that. For some reason, I was holding the idea that roof bars couldn't be fitted to the W221. Don't know why: clutter in the brain, I guess.

I'd still prefer to boot / trunk mount, just because of the logistics (fear) of putting bikes on the roof, but that's a fair option. (I've got a roof bike mount for my E500 estate but I've only used it once)

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