W221 Sclass airmatic suspension failure

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Apr 24, 2007
Mercedes S320CDi
Whilst driving a malfunction came up on my 2006 W 221 s class , both my rear suspension struts dropped totally, the front was fine, the car was so low that the rear mud flaps were almost on the ground, the car is still under the Mercedes approved used warranty. Can't understand if the pump has failed why only he back end has gone down, Anyone any ideas what the problem might be the car has only done 54000 miles, if I remove the mud flaps will it be safe to drive it to the nearest dealer (6 miles), thanks for any help
you will be fine to drive it to the nearest dealer as the car will be resting on the bump stops.

Also if you you bought it used approved and or it has a full merc service history you can ask them to just pick it up.

Also it should be FULLY covered under your warranty.

I am not sure why it would only be the back end but it could be something as simple as the ride height sensors are dirty or became faulty.

Maybe someone else will come along to advise too. Make sure to update the thread after merc have looked at it
Airmatic failure Sorted

Huddersfield Mercedes took the car in Monday, advised me not to drive it, got it back Friday, new compressor, bracket and relay, still not sure why just the back end dropped, all done under approved used warranty, I asked if this sort of failure was common, as it's caused me some pain, even just getting it on the loader was awkward, the service rep said it was quite unusual, though I suppose he would say that, can't imagine why the bracket needed replacing though.
Thanks MB8701 for your help

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