W221 stranded at the roadside - RAC on way

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Jun 23, 2006
Range Rover TDV8
Well, after thinking my suspension worries were over when the SL500 went the S class has let me down. I'm sitting waiting on RAC with the car's a*se sitting 2 foot in the air and a malfunction showing on the dash. Rose up and started bouncing around. Parked up and it's rock hard, assume a ride height sensor has broken.
Well, turns out it's the ride height sensor that's at fault. MB confirmed that they'd put a claim into my warranty company...

The 'warranty' company then called me 'direct' to tell me "that part is not covered" despite me explicitly upgrading my policy to cover suspension components. As "vehicle height sensor" is not specifically listed and is not considered a "electronic control unit" I will have to pay the cost of repair. I am livid. I have raised a formal complaint and will take it to the ombudsman if not happy with the result of that.

They're happy to take my money and promise the earth then have used weasel words to avoid paying out.
Thanks as in "Thanks for the feedback" not thanks to your position/predicament. Keep us posted on this one please.

Hope it turns out as it should. ie Warranty company pay up.
Who's your warranty with Mirras?

Or are you saving that for later in the negotiations...
They're happy to take my money and promise the earth then have used weasel words to avoid paying out.

That's they way most warranties work, usually not worth the paper they are written on. I've never taken one out in my life other than the manufacturers standard one they are obliged to give.

Instead I put a monthly payment aside into a separate account to fund these eventualities but so far the account accumulates more than I need to spend on repairs so in the past it has funded holidays, new Hifi, computers makes much more sense to me than paying for a warranty you know you are going to have to fight like hell to get paid on.

Speaking from the other side of the fence as a repairer the best extended warranty company by a mile are warranty direct you call them explain the problem and they usually authorise there and then or ask for more investigative work to be done (which they pay for) to check it is covered under the terms of the warranty
I've dealt with this provider before and they've been difficult but eventually paid up when the engineer's report shows the work is as described by the dealer, usually adding a week to the repair. This time they have decided, despite being one of the only parts not explicitly named ( but easily inferred from the electronics section ) they won't pay out. I bought the policy specifically because of the expense of suspension repairs ( had ABC before ) and discussed this at the time I took out the policy.

I feel I'm at the start of a long journey to get a refund and an alternative provider.

SPX, not too difficult to work out the provider from my last post ;)
Re the Warranty Company. Penny just dropped in Lancashire you probably heard it in Ayrshire.

The sound travelled a bit faster than the flatbed that brought me from Burton in Kendal to Ayrshire.... but absolutely top marks to FMC for picking me up and bringing me home....
Wise words above from flanaia1 ^
I never considered taking out a warranty before the S Class, but horror stories got me looking into it.
Lost count of the reports similar to yours where the warranty company managed to find a way out...
I take it the part isn't the same one that's subject to the recall?
Mirras:I think this really is time you try a 124
Well it's been a few months but I refused to let this one go... I went to the ombudsman who reviewed the case and found in my favour. I got a letter from the warranty company yesterday agreeing to pay so the documents have all been sent away and I wait patiently for settlement. I had an interesting conversation when it came renewal time and the salesperson called.... needless to say I now have no warranty but my own 'O.F.F.' instead to pay for any work that may arise.
I take it that's an "Oh **** Fund?"

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