W221 Wiring diagram for command head unit

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Mar 20, 2016
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Hi I'm looking to find where the plug with the black and red wires go from the rear of the command unit (dvd changer) My sat nav and all the controls on the centre console dont work anymore and I have good reason to beleive wherever this wire goes is the reason

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MY of the car would help. Any photo from the plug? Can you read the connector number? Do you mean more than one red and/or black wire on that connector, all red or black, no stripe with some other colour?

I think I found only one all red wire, on the connector for the display unit.
Shmeefly you asked this in another thread where I told you it went to the rear fusebox and to which fuse ? If you search for posts by me you should find it pretty quickly

Also, have you put a volt-meter on the power lead to the stereo ? You could just have lost a fuse somewhere (but I think I have told you to check them all)
BTW, I think the power lead is Red/Blue.

Have you actually checked for power on the power leads at the COMAND and the other stuff that doesn't light up ?

Why don't you book it in with us for a few hours and we'll just work though with circuit diagrams and Star Diagnosis. (or Olly or one of the other specialists on the forum) ? I know this will cost you a few ££ but without the tools you are relying on luck to find the issue - and there's a lot of stuff in a W221 ...


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