W245 B Class child seat problems

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Feb 10, 2016
Merc B Class W245
Just went to install a car seat in the back of my 2007 B Class W245 to find out it isn't suitable.... The rear seats have such a steep decline on the seated part that the child seat ends up putting the baby at an angle that is too upright, it needs to be 45 degree incline max.
Seems these rear seats are a major problem!
Then spent an hour at Mothercare trying different car seats with ISOfix bases to find none of them fitted properly.
We even tried just using the baby car seats on their own without the ISOfix base just using seatbelt but still no joy.

Anyone else had this problem?
Hi, I have the same model car and use two Maxi-Cosi Isofix bases and carseats in mine without any issue. What seat/base you using?
Hi Frog, I have a Phil N Ted baby seat with Isofix base.
It's just not a good angle for the baby when lying down... It all fits and is secure but not ideal at all... And when you mount the seat without the Isofix base its the same angle... Babies head will be too vertical at 45 degrees.

The only way round is to fit the seat without the base using the seatbelt, but then angle the baby seat back to give baby a more horizontal angle, this creates a 4-5cm gap between the seat and car seat and then fill it with a tightly rolled up towel to take the slack.
Doesn't look too good tbh.

Do you remember your specific Maxi Cosy seats and see they for 0-1 yr olds?

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