W245 b170 creaking noise

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Feb 7, 2016
2006 B170

The misses b class creaks when steering, are these common for top mount failure as that's generally the cause on most cars?

Thanks in advanced
Not heard of creaking top mounts with the B class before.
HI Todd, I recently had some creaking on my 2007 B170 which developed into a clicking and sticking steering wheel whether going right or left. The sticking wasn't strong enough to catch you out but annoying and worrying all the same... it would eventually release under more pressure and give way with a click...

Long story short... turned out to be a steering column failure down by the foot pedals... £573 got me a new steering column fitted at my local Non MB Garage and the problem is now fixed... bit miffed as the car had only done 48,000 miles but hey ho.
Hope you figure yours out son enough.

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