W246 B-Class Electric Drive


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May 12, 2007
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Anyone know anything about these? I must admit that they weren't on my radar until a couple of days ago yet the more research I do into them, the more I'm developing an interest.

I've been looking for an electric car for a while now, mainly just for pootling around town and to the shops and back. I started looking at the obligatory Nissan Leaf, then moved the goalposts a bit to include the Kia Soul. I then moved a bit further forward, taking in Renault and Hyundai along the way. I currently have around a dozen various models "saved" on Auto Trader and I was surprised that two of these are B Class models. There are also a couple of Golfs in there as well, just to keep the balance I suppose, though they all have one thing in common in that they are all full electric as I want to get away from the hybrid aspect.

I wasn't overly bothered but I've been doing a bit of research on current prices and my Lexus RX450h seems to be worth nearly as much as I paid for it c3 years ago, so it seems a logical time to move it on. It's been a good car but is now too big and totally unnecessary for my current needs. Any distance stuff, of which there is now very little, can be taken care of in my C217, hence my thinking electric only.

I've found limited amounts of info regarding these W246s, mainly a brief history and a couple of early road tests, all mainly positive stuff, hence my post here on the off chance that someone may know something about them, as in running them in a real world situation. I'm not expecting, nor do I need, a massive range, anything over 60 miles would be a bonus really, though any know faults would be welcomed before I make a decision.

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